Course Outline


The Stage Hypnosis Training course is an intense four day course with Australia’s Leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony at and a tiny investment in your future of just $1997 inc GST.

All course fees are required 7 days prior to course date. No late payments will be excepted and entry to the Stage Hypnosis Training course on the door will not be accepted.

What Will I learn?
You are attending Mark Anthony’s Professional Stage Hypnosis Training Course, and will learn the following, plus much more!

A Brief History Of Hypnosis
What Stage Hypnosis Is and What It Isn’t
What Clinical Hypnosis Is and What It Isn’t
Hypnotic Realities
Different Definitions Of Hypnosis
Suggestibility Testing
Rules That Re-Write the Subconscious Mind
Different Styles Of Inductions
The Awakening Procedure
Being Aware Of The Depth Of Trance
Different Stages and Landmarks Of Depth
Testing And Deepening Of Your Volunteers
Monologue And Pre-Induction Talk
Certain Overload Techniques
Dissecting and Breaking Down Of A Show
Inviting Your Volunteers Up On Stage
What To Do and What Not To Do When Inviting Your Volunteers On Stage
The Very Common Mistakes Hypnotists Make When Calling Up Volunteers
Rules For Dismissing Volunteers
The Safety Of Your Volunteers
Easy Steps To Writing Your Routines
Building Momentum In Your Routines To Assure A Smooth Running Show
Building Your Own Show Set List
The Great Finale
The Important Use Of Your Voice
The Principles Of Hypnotic Inductions
Recognising The Physical Signs Of Trance
Breaking Down The Key Points To Induction
Looking At Important Key Points To Group Routines
The Certain Routines To Stay Away From
The Most Common Ways To End Your Show
All About The Hypnotist’s Persona
Why There Are Certain Things You Should Never Do On Stage
Giving Post Suggestions For Re Hypnosis
Recognising The 5 Levels Of Hypnosis
Various Deepening Techniques
How To Overcome Resistance
Things That You Definitely Should Not Do After Your Show Is Has Finished
The Dispelling Of Hypnotic Myths
FAQ’S  About Hypnosis
Pre-Induction Overload
Overload Techniques
Your Show Introduction
What To Do If You Aren’t Getting Enough Volunteers
The Best And Easiest Way To Line Up Your Volunteers
Selecting Your Volunteers
Different Types Of Routines
Picking Certain Kinds Of Suggestions

Course Outline:*
You are now ready to complete four intense days of Stage Hypnosis Training with Hypnotist Mark Anthony.

* course structure may change according to time limits at the discretion of Hypnotist Mark Anthony