When and Where

When and where will the Stage Hypnosis Training be held?

The BRAND NEW dates are FEBRUARY 22/23/24/25th 2018. Will be held in Surfers Paradise on the beautiful Gold Coast

How much does the course cost?

Stage Hypnosis Training in Surfers Paradise on FEBRUARY 22/23/24/25th 2018 is $2,497.00 AUD.

Do you have to pay in full?

No, you can make a deposit of $500.00, however the balance must be paid prior to the training course, the deposit is non refundable after December 30th, 2017.  There will be an additional administration fee of $150.00 only to those who choose the payment plan. If you pay your course fees in full at time of registration, there is no administration fee.

What are the payment options?

1.    Pay in full
2.    Or, you can choose to make three equal payments of your entire tuition fee with the additional $50 administration fee for your payment plan, which will be added to each seperate payment ie: 3 seperate payments = $150.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to find your own accommodations and supply your own meals. There are MANY hotels in Surfers Paradise and surrounding areas. We will notify all students when the hotel venue has been selected, making it easier for you to make accomodation arrangements.

Your Stage Hypnosis Course manuals will be supplied. However, an open mind to something new won’t be supplied by Mark, so you’ll have to bring your own! 🙂

How can I make my payment?

You can register securely online from our website, or via bank transfer. You can pay by any major credit card, or Paypal.

What do I get after the training?

You will receive a certificate of completion when the training is complete from the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy.  Although Mark has believed for many years that nobody should be doing Stage Hypnosis Shows without knowing about Clinical Hypnosis first, he has now found a way with his Professional training courses, to make sure that ALL of his students have an understanding of Clinical Hypnosis as well as Stage Hypnosis.

Due to stage hypnosis not being regulated, anyone can learn and perform hypnosis with no training whatsoever from websites on the internet with poorly put together videos, and then going out into the big wide world with very poor hypnosis skills and a very poor understanding of hypnosis in general giving the hypnosis profession a bad name.

Through many months of thinking, Mark then decided that if people are going to learn Stage Hypnosis, he wanted to make sure that they learn it from a full time Professional Stage Hypnotist, and not some laymen on the internet who’s never performed a show in their life!

Mark strongly believes that at least 90% of stage hypnotists are very poorly trained and have no understanding about following the recipe for hypnosis.  They also have no understanding or idea that there is a science to the mind and human behaviour that is missing from most training courses out there.

If Mark Anthony isn’t able to train the course for whatever reason, will I get a refund?

Yes of course, you are attending Mark Anthony’s Stage Hypnosis Training Course, and not ‘Mark Anthony’s fill in trainer’s training course’.

If something beyond my control happens and i’m unable to attend the course, will I be eligible for a refund?

Mark Anthony will refund course fees at his own discretion ONLY once he has looked at the case. If Mark feels that it’s a legitimate reason for not attending or canceling, then and only then a full refund will be given, minus and admin fee of $150.

What time does each class start and end, each day.   Do you have a program schedule?

The course will be from 10am sharp each day and ends at 5pm, sometimes give or take a few minutes either side, due to the amount of information you’ll receive.

Will it be Mark Anthony training the full course from start to finish?

Yes, and giving his students 110% of his time and effort. 🙂

Will I be able to hypnotise people and perform stage hypnosis shows after the course?

This is a HUGE YES, that’s the whole idea! 🙂

Can I afford it?

$2,497 is a lot of money to me. And I also have to pay for flights, hotel and food, so it will add up to a fair cost.

The investment in your future of just $2,497 can be made back quite easily!  And here’s why I say ‘just $2,497’…
Even if you book some hypnosis shows for even a small fee of $500, you will only need 5 shows to recoup your small investment, many show fees are $1,500+ for a 45-90 minute show!

There’s not too many professions or new businesses where you can make your initial investment back that quick, go ahead and check for yourself! The course fees that I originally paid for many years ago has been made back to me many thousands of times over. There is strictly no recording at the course whether it be video, handheld recorder, phone recording etc.